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Time to Launch

“When the time for decision arrives, the time for preparation is past.”

-Thomas Monson

We have spent the past year discovering, thinking and planning how to launch our business ideas and now is the time to take our first steps.  We are buying a Corporate Promotion business, starting a home organizing business and a car detailing business.  These efforts are aligned to help us focus on our core mission of finding, developing and investing in African leaders who through their businesses will apply, teach and build the habits of prosperity in their communities.  We simply want our African partners to feel that they are on a journey WITH us.

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Journey Updates

Human Capital in West Africa

Very few people realize the economic potential of Africa.  Africa is the last continent most Americans associate with investment, but the first they associate with charitable giving.  Many people refer to the “country of Africa” or automatically associate terrorist activity in Uganda with the entire continent.  Americans would be offended if someone made the argument that the United States was dangerous because of criminal activity in Mexico.


One of the opportunities we are currently testing is connecting the supply chain of fonio.  This African supergrain is found in West Africa.  We believe there is an opportunity to purchase fonio from farmers in Mali and sale it for a profit in the Malian capital.  Should it prove profitable we may explore the possibility of exporting it.

Our small test is creating employment opportunities for…

Malian Director of Business Development

Issa Coulibaly has agreed to join our team as the Director of Business Development for Cazier Capital.  He will serve as the development node for many of our efforts.  Issa will work to support our current and future businesses to ensure that the appropriate business principles are correctly applied.

Issa is currently taking the Master of Business on the Street course provided by Interweave Solutions in an effort to become a Success…